How to Find a Great Dentist in Vancouver

Vancouver Bay AreaChances are, when you think of a great friend, you think of one you can count on to understand your needs, want the best for you, and never let you down.

A great dentist should make you feel the same way.

But if you’re still in the process of finding a new dentist, that’s a big “should.” How can you be sure you’ve made a great choice as early as your first office visit?

Let us help. You can start by learning about the important qualities that believe make a dentist great. We’ve listed them here, to make it easy for you. Also, read the reviews our patients wrote about their experiences Creative Smiles in Vancouver, our family dental practice.

Overall, what you learn here can help you choose any type of healthcare professional with a high degree of confidence.


You feel welcome and respected. You know how relaxed and comfortable you feel when you’re with good friends. That’s the feeling you should get whenever you visit your dentist’s office.

Then there’s the fact that anxiety about going to the dentist makes many people anxious. Instead of rushing you into the chair, a great dentist listens to you and takes the time to hear and ease your concerns. That way, your examination or procedure can go smoothly for both of you.

You feel valued as a person, as well as a patient. A dentist  looks forward to having you as a patient today and for many years to come, and so he or she will invest time to build your relationship at every visit. Besides giving you a good feeling of support, a dentist who sets aside ample time to talk with you will take your unique concerns into account, along with your medical and dental history, whenever you come in for care.

Additional signs that you’re valued in your dentist’s practice include:

  1. seeing you on time according to your appointment,
  2. taking your finances and insurance into account when recommending treatment, and
  3. following up with a phone call or check-up after a major procedure to be sure you’re recovering well.

You’ve been told why you’re having a certain procedure and understand the benefits you can expect from it. Understanding the treatment your dentist recommends and how it will improve your dental health will build your confidence that you’re receiving the best care.

There’s another reason why comprehension is important, though. Your dental health is vital to your overall health. Why? Because bacteria in your mouth can play a role in the development of major diseases, including heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. The procedures your dentist recommends must be tailored to your personal medical history, as well as your dental condition; a great dentist lets you know the full story of your care at every visit.

Your procedure will involve technologically advanced dental tools and evidence-based treatments. Modern dental tools—including digital X-ray imaging and dental lasers (for treating gum disease and removing tooth decay)—deliver more accurate information for your dentist and greater comfort for you while providing the best possible results in the shortest time. Furthermore, a dentist who stays involved with current research, clinical methods, and dental materials will have the knowledge to provide you with the most current treatment options.

The staff are valued and respected, the same as the patients. The best indication that your dentist sincerely cares about you, the patient, is the way he or she behaves toward staff. A great dentist is considerate and kind to everyone. You’ll notice a well-treated staff by the smiles and courteous care you receive, from your first phone call to the office.

You’re a full partner in your dental care. It’s important that your dentist is completely honest about every aspect of your care, including making sure you have information about good day-to-day dental care and habits as well as about the reason for today’s visit. If you see the dentist every six months, feel fine, and your treatment plan is shocking, perhaps you need a second opinion. In contrast, if you know that your mouth needs a lot of attention to regain good oral health and comfortable function, and your treatment plan is minimal, the dentist may not understand your goals.


Just as you value having a great friend for life, a great dentist values you as a patient for life. Over time, the long-term relationship you develop with the dentist you choose will show, not only in your smile, but in your overall health.

If you need a family or general dentist in the Vancouver area, call Creative Smiles and schedule a visit with Dr. Futenma today.

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