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Millions of Americans experience dental anxiety. In many cases, this causes patients to avoid the dentist, which can result in long-term oral health problems. Fortunately, as technology advances, there are more and more methods designed to alleviate anxiety and promote a more relaxing treatment experience. At Creative Smiles in Vancouver, WA, Dr. Carl Futenma offers NuCalm, a safe, effective, and natural way to induce relaxation and comfortability.

About NuCalm

Just before falling asleep, the body enters a state of idleness. This occurs once the parasympathetic nervous system activates, and encourages an overall state of healing, rebuilding, and relaxation. NuCalm utilizes neurophysiology, biochemistry, and physics to induce this state without the use of controlled substances or narcotics. This revolutionary system is comprised of four components that initiate relaxation in less than five minutes:

  • Supplements or Topical Cream: To begin, a team member will give you dietary supplements that contain building blocks to quickly counteract the effects of adrenaline. In some cases, a topical cream can be applied in lieu of the supplements.
  • Patches: To facilitate a relaxation response, microcurrent stimulation patches are applied to the skin behind each ear.
  • Headphones: Noise-cancelling headphones will be given to you as well. These headphones will emit a specific frequency – between 12Hz and 4Hz – to induce a sleep-like state in your brain.
  • Eye Mask: To eliminate visual stimuli and bright lights, a mask will be placed over your eyes.

When these four elements are combined, they provide a dramatic relaxing effect. In fact, the more anxious or nervous you are, the more you will enjoy the NuCalm experience.

The NuCalm Experience

Patients who choose NuCalm will be able to respond to Dr. Futenma or a team member if necessary, and will be able to follow directions. However, the effects of NuCalm will make it virtually impossible to have an anxious response. Most patients liken the experience to the feeling just before falling asleep, or compare it to being in deep meditation. Typically, you are vastly unaware of space and time, and simply feel euphoric.

Even days after your dental visit, you will feel the lingering and pleasant effects of NuCalm. The neuromuscular release will alleviate any physical tension or discomfort, and you will enjoy an overall sense of wellness and balance. NuCalm is unique, as it allows patients to improve their oral health while also enjoying full body rejuvenation.

Benefits of NuCalm

Sedation dentistry is beneficial for patients who experience dental anxiety. NuCalm is extraordinary, because it helps patients achieve a state of deep relaxation without the use of nitrous oxide or oral sedation. This is especially beneficial for patients who have contraindications to traditional sedation medications. In contrast to IV sedation, treatment with NuCalm does not involve needles or pain. Because it is completely natural, it is safe for use in virtually all individuals.

When you are in an extremely relaxed state, time seems to go by quickly. Therefore, more dental work can be accomplished during each dental visit, making it an excellent choice for those who are undergoing lengthy procedures.

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If you have been avoiding dental treatment because of your anxiety, Creative Smiles can help. No matter what your unique needs, we can find a sedation option to help you enjoy a more comfortable experience. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Futenma, contact us online or call our office at (360) 574-3061.

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