Enhance Your Smile with Orthodontic Treatment

Did you know that braces do more than just straighten teeth? Orthodontic treatment promotes optimal oral health as well. At Creative Smiles in Vancouver, WA, Dr. Carl Futenma offers several orthodontic treatments for patients who desire to straighten their teeth and improve their overall health. From teens to adults, we have options that can address a variety of needs.

The Importance of Orthodontic Treatment

When most people think of braces, they think of the beautiful smile orthodontic treatment can produce. While aesthetics is certainly one primary benefit of braces, straight teeth promote healthy gums and proper function, as well. Excellent oral health is dependent on a number of factors. Teeth, gums, jaw joints, and other surrounding structures all work together harmoniously for optimal health and function.

Crooked or misaligned teeth can make it difficult to brush and floss properly. These problem areas can harbor bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease. Additionally, when teeth are in appropriate alignment, there is less wear and tear on the teeth.

Traditional Braces

Most likely what you imagine when you think of traditional braces, this treatment option uses a combination of metal brackets, bands, and arch wires to gently move teeth into their proper positions. Throughout the years, traditional braces have improved due to advances in technology. With a sleeker design, they are more aesthetically-pleasing and comfortable. Traditional braces are incredibly effective, and treatment can typically be completed within 18 to 24 months.

Six Month Smiles®

Patients who are seeking a short term orthodontic solution may benefit from Six Month Smiles. By design, these braces are similar to their traditional counterparts. However, Six Month Smiles uses a clear bracket system along with tooth-colored wires, so the braces are virtually invisible. This orthodontic method generally requires fewer office visits when compared to traditional metal braces. As the name suggests, this orthodontic treatment can be completed in approximately six months.


A popular option among our teen and adult patients, ClearCorrect gradually straightens teeth using a series of clear plastic aligner trays. These custom trays are removable, so there are zero dietary restrictions. Therefore, you can continue to eat the foods you love. Because there are no metal brackets or wires, you can brush and floss with ease without the use of floss threaders or interproximal brushes. Trays must be worn at least 22 hours every day, removing them only to eat, drink, brush, and floss. Treatment times can vary depending on the needs of the individual. However, most patients complete ClearCorrect treatment in approximately 18 to 24 months.

Maintaining Your Smile

Following orthodontic treatment, it is important to maintain your progress so you can enjoy your new smile for years to come. No matter which orthodontic option you choose, you will need to wear a retainer after your treatment is complete. Patients can have a custom retainer fabricated, or they can choose to have a permanent retainer bonded to the inside of their teeth. Because they are positioned on the back of the teeth, permanent retainers are invisible. Dr. Futenma can help you determine which retainer option will be the most effective for your situation.

Personalized Treatment Planning

Each patient who visits our office has a unique set of dental goals. Therefore, an orthodontic option that may work well for one individual may not be the best choice for another. During your initial consultation, Dr. Futenma will perform a thorough examination to assess your specific dental needs. Together, you and he can design a treatment plan that will meet your expectations.

Learn More about Orthodontics

If you are interested in straightening your teeth, schedule a consultation with Dr. Futenma to determine your treatment options. Call our office at (360) 574-3061 or contact us online.

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